Armpit Fat & Bra Fit

Karina Nowak

As fitters we often hear first time customers complaining about armpit fat.

You may notice that waling by people (or looking in the mirror), at people exposing their arms, that you nice excess fold of skin and tissue that many of us refer to as arm pit fat. This not all an unnatural phenomenon! It does not matter your age or size, but there are certain garments that will accentuate how pronounced this excess looks, such as tight clothing.

Armpit fat can occur in people of any gender, but is more common, and often more visible, in women.

There are some genuine medical reasons for excessive armpit bulges, such as: genetics, being overweight, hormones, and Lymphedema, to name a few. However the most common reasons for the not so toned underarm look is incorrect bra fit and posture.

"Despite the importance of correct bra fit, surprisingly greater than 70% of women wear the wrong size bra." 2  

Excess Breast Tissue may masquerade as armpit fat!

Many people don’t realise that wearing incorrectly fitted tight undergarments can cause the skin on the sides of your breast tissue to be pushed up and cause bulging under the arms.


We always recommend a bra fitting when buying a new bra.
The Correct fit of your undergarments will not only reduce undesired bulging, it will make you feel supported, more comfortable, slim your waist by lifting your bust and give you better posture, thus sliming your silhouette and giving you confidence.

From a musculoskeletal perspective, a correctly fitted bra can alleviate up to 85% of the problems that are common to incorrectly fitted bras, such as back pain, neck pain, upper limb neural symptoms, damage to ligaments and general discomfort. All of which prevent or limit the amount of activity we engage in. In severe cases, the physical discomfort and pain caused by an incorrectly fitted bra can lead some to seek surgical interventions such as breast reductions.

Although armpit fat is completely normal occurrence, if you notice a change in your armpit, such as swelling or a lump, please consult your doctor. You should also seek medical advice if excessive armpit tissue is disrupting you life.


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