Your Guide to a Properly Fitted Bra

Karina Nowak

Your Guide to a Properly Fitted Bra

Considering that most women wear a bra daily, and for many hours at a time, it’s astonishing that many of us are unknowingly walking around wearing the wrong size bra.

A well fitted bra is not only supremely comfortable, but it also makes your clothes look better, improves your posture and reduces back and neck pain, and gives you added confidence because you look and feel better overall.

If you’re tired of tight bras that pinch and rub and don’t hold you in properly, or you spend half your day hitching your bra straps back up to where they should be, then read our guide on how to find the perfect bra.

The Right Type of Bra

Every woman is unique and sometimes choosing the right style of bra might be all that’s needed for greater comfort and support.

Most women have a variety of bra styles to match their activities and outfits, and there are many different styles to choose from. Often you’ll find that one style is much more comfortable than another because it suits your shape.

It’s important to try on different brands and styles to find the best ones for you, and remember that sizes can vary from brand to brand, so be flexible when it comes to sizing. You may need to try on a different size to find the right fit.

Measuring your Bra Size

The bra band provides most of the support you need — around 80% —  so it’s important to get the size right.

Use a soft tape measure directly under the bust and around your back to measure your band size. Keep the tape measure even all the way around your body, and parallel to the floor, exactly how your bra band should sit.

The tape should be snug against your skin, but not too tight.

Make a note of the measurement and move onto your bust size.

Place the tape measure around your body and across the fullest part of your bust, snug but not tight enough to press into the breasts. Make sure the tape measure is at the same height as it passes around your back.

Make a note of this second measurement.

Now, subtract your band size from your bust measurement and use a size chart to convert that number to the letter that is your bust size.

How your Bra Should Fit

A bra should fit like a second skin and shouldn’t constantly remind you of its presence. A good bra is an investment in your comfort, so it pays to get the size right before you buy.

The bra band should be firm but comfortable with no riding up or digging in, and the underwire should sit flat against your ribs, underneath your breasts with no pinching.

The bra cups should hold the entire breast with no overflow at the top, bottom or sides, and the cups should be smooth and wrinkle-free with no gaps at the top.

Finally, the straps should be adjusted so they’re firm enough that they don’t slip off your shoulders, but not so firm that they dig in and leave red marks at the end of the day.

Larger bust sizes will benefit from wide, padded straps since they provide the other 20% of the support you need.

Find the Perfect Bra

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