Give to Vanuatu Blue Mountains

Karina Nowak

"Give to Vanuatu- Blue Mountains is working in association with other Vanuatu Relief Community Groups to provide aid to the people of Vanuatu devastated by Cyclone Pam 2015. We are a family group with ties to Vanuatu personally and aim to deliver as much aid as possible to our beloved second home nation.

Like other larger organisations and community groups helping with aid efforts in Vanuatu, we work with the National Disaster Management Office (NDMO) to ensure our donations go the places most needed. Our alliance of groups is a registered NGO in Vanuatu - Oz Relief Aid."

We have been proudly supporting Give to Vanuatu Blue Mountains over one month now. We are closely related to the largest village, Mele, and have been acting as a drop-off for donations, fundraising centre, and contribute 100% of profit from the sale of hair accessories to the cause.


We have all been busy finalising our plan of action for our aid. Our first team will help to rebuild the Schools in North Efate and other areas, as well as form and train teams to rebuild housing.

As for the donations on the container, we are aiming to help the outer islands now and are planning to put our donations on planes and boats to send them to people that have had no aid.

Of course we will keep assessing and reassessing our plan of action to make sure we doing our best to help those most in need.

Our aim is not only to help those we know (we have already personally done this), but most importantly, those who need it most."

If you would like to help, please use the link to the Give to Vanuatu Blue Mountains Facebook page for details.


Oz Relief Aid also collection and donation sites on the Central Coast of NSW and can be contacted by their Facebook page, Cyclone Pam Central Coast Donations